PST announces new batches of many courses in April.    Special summer discount offers on all the courses.    Certified summer training courses with 2 projects.    5 project development in Android, Java and PHP.    Provides IT consultancy and job assistance.    PST offers you to join the live project training in PHP.    PST offers proffesionaly trained Manpower to other Application development companies.  

Business Solution Development

PST Pvt. Ltd. creates solutions for clients that add to their productivity and efficiency. Our services allow our customer to achieve maximum efficiencyin mininmum time. It may be specialized order managment system, Inventory Tracking, Report Generation System or any type pf other Software. We Create Applications that automates your processes using technologies such as " Java, PHP and MYSQL". Our team of talented software developers integrate a wide range of technologies to provide the highest degree of excellence.

  • Java based Softwares and Application Development
  • Java based applications are open source and comes with a freeware liscencing which provides a very flexible way to use the application along with maintaning the affordability.

  • Database Development
  • Database is a collection of logically related data. Databases provides a simplest way for the complex content Management of a large data in companies and Organizations.

  • Google Map API based Appplication Development
  • Implementing Google Map API in your applications allows one to develop geo-enabled applications.

  • Process Automation Development
  • PST Pvt. Ltd. has a team of qualified and talented Developers, Designers and Programmers. This team helps our customer to automate the complete work of their company so that their company can have maximum thoughput with mininmum use of manpower.


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